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About Sonny Reynolds

Absolutely best money I have ever spent on the game of golf was lessons from Sonny!!! Facebook Review

Sonny Reynolds

It is not by accident that Sonny Reynolds has become one of the most sought after teachers in Maine. Aside from his experience gained over 23 years of teaching golf, his ability to diagnose, communicate and motivate students is second to none in New England. Sonny began mastering his trade as the head pro at Hampden CC in 1984 and after five years, head pro at Pine Hill Golf Course. In 1993, Sonny built his own driving range and training center in Winterport, Maine. His driving range includes all the amenities expected at a first class golf facility plus a challenging 9 hole, executive course. 

Among Sonny Reynold's many strengths are exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. His golf teaching method has been reinforced by teaching thousands of golfers and by mentoring hundreds of subordinates over a distinguished, 36 year service with the Air Force and Air National Guard. Understanding each student’s personal goal and uniqueness is what puts him at the top of his profession.

Sonny’s philosophy is that sound fundamentals are the basis for success in golf, whether his student is an experienced competitor or someone who just enjoys playing an occasional round of golf. Novice and veteran golfers alike appreciate Sonny’s down-to-earth teaching style and vast knowledge of the game.Sonny is a very good golfer in his own right and holds several course records in the local area. For the past three years, he has been perfecting his game by playing on a mini-tour in Florida with aspirations of going to a higher level of play.

Sonnys Driving Range
Sonny Reynolds

From One Very Happy Client: 
"Here's how I feel about Sonny's Training Center & Golf Course in Winterport: it's the best thing that's happened in my golfing career, other than playing at Pebble Beach in 1997! I'm a 16-18 handicap, recovering from recent bouts in the low 20s. I picked the game up in 1989, in my mid-40s, after a 30-year hiatus from playing just a few years in my teens. But I might have given it up if not for Sonny's instruction and practice facility. When he works with you, Sonny is informative, patient, persistent, and clear; he gives you enough to work on so you can improve, but not so much that you're overwhelmed. I'm a member at Sonny's, and I've watched him work with beginners and veterans, high- and low-handicappers, young and old, with the same diligence. All of us, at all levels, know how enjoyable yet demanding the game is: if Sonny can spend 2 hours during a one-hour lesson helping to cure a shank (yup, the memory is 4 years old and still fresh!), it's likely he'll be able to help you when you need it. 

The range has numerous, separate grass and synthetic turf stations, two sand traps, two putting greens, and 9 holes (both par 3 and standard length), for complete practicing. Plus, it's well-lighted and well-maintained, with equipment and accessories available.

Believe me, I've spent a lot of time at Sonny's trying to improve my golf game; it's a great place and I'll bet you a $2 Nassau you'll think it is too. Enjoy yourself this season, good luck, have fun, and keep it in the short grass!" ......Skip Howard, Winterport

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